About Us

Anitex 1970'sEstablished in 2018 as a partner of Bycop SAL’s (Est. 1974) accomplishments
have enabled us to make our mark in the home textile industry as a leading
manufacturer, importer, exporter, and distributor in the Middle East and GCC.
We believe that comfort, style, and quality are fundamental characteristics of home
furnishings, and we have built our reputation accordingly. We offer a wide variety
of household bed and bath linen from the most recognized brands to serve
different industries, including household, medical, hospitality, and retail businesses.
We cover a wide geographical area through our companies in the UAE, Kuwait,
Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Armenia. Our businesses thrive through long-term
relations with their customers around the world, inspiring product designs, and
sustainable growth. We have the exclusive right to manufacture and market,
under license, brands such as Cannon, Fieldcrest, Disney, Waverly, and
Charisma. We also market our personal brands like Royal Home, Royal Home
Luxury, Anitex, Anitex Baby, Valentini, Dream, Savoy, and Classic.
Our goal is to preserve our leading position in the industry by foreseeing opportunities and always capitalizing on them. To accomplish this goal, we aim to progress and advance in the industry by continuously employing the newest technologies and optimizing our resources.