Welcome to the world of ANITEX LLC – a brand that may be new, but is rooted in a legacy of history and expertise. Born from the distinguished heritage of Bycop SAL, established in 1974, we proudly stand as a prominent player in the home textile industry. As a trusted manufacturer, importer, exporter, and distributor, our achievements have left an indelible mark in the GCC, MENA, EEU regions. Our philosophy centers around the core values of comfort, style, and quality, shaping our reputation as a leading provider of bed and bath linen.

Discover an extensive selection of bed and bath linen experienced by working under top-tier brands, catering to diverse markets such as households, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Our reach spans across a broad geographical expanse, with our presence felt in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, ensuring quality and style wherever we are.

About us

About Anitex

We thrive through establishing enduring relationships with customers worldwide, fostering innovation in product design, and promoting sustainable growth. Our group holds exclusive rights for the manufacturing and marketing, under license, of internationally acclaimed brands such as Cannon, Fieldcrest, and Disney. Additionally, our portfolio includes distinctive in-house brands such as Royal Home Luxury, ANITEX, Valentini, Royale, Dream, Savoy, and Classic, each embodying our commitment to quality and style.

Being the sole vertically integrated factory in the region, Anitex turns luxury into attainability, applying best practices wherever we are presented.